Download Super Shot Soccer PS1 for PC - Siapa sih yang tak kenal game fenomenal ini? haha lebay ya. Tapi memang benar loh, biasanya game ini dijuluki game shaolin soccer sebenarnya sih Super Shoot Soccer. Game ini muncul kira-kira pada tahun 2002 sobat.
Download Super Shot Soccer PS1 for PC
Cover Super Shoot Soccer
Released at the height of the 2002 FIFA World Cup and late in the PlayStation's life, comes this title with Captain Tsubasa-alike or superhuman soccer players coming from all over the world. The game features over 30 national teams (those who have qualified for the 2002 World Cup) that have at least two special powers (some of the special or elite teams like the Hong Kong team are hidden) ranging from special passes to protective abilities to a boost in speed to auxiliary skills to even the goalkeeper shooting a little spirit-bomb type attack that mows down players in an exaggerated Shaolin Soccer fashion. The player also has a few typical customizable options, but its main draw is the special abilities and team match-ups.
The moves for each team are based on their country's symbols, sights, and culture. For example, the Danish team can change player into a hulking Viking boat or the Brazilians can change into the Christ the Redeemer statue to temporarily block a path to goal. Special abilities can be done with L1 plus either Triangle, Square, or "X". Different special moves use different amounts of players' teams special energy. Also, every team has a powerful player with an "S" over their head, who can make attacks they specialize in more powerful. The players can also use old-fashioned passes and footwork to outmaneuver its opponent, though characters move a little stiffly, especially on turns. It was done in part to simulate more realistic movement in the sport.


Western Conference

West Division

  • United States USA — Space Rocket, Freedom Goddess
  • Mexico Mexico — Aztec Eagle, Lucha Matador, Sidewinder
  • Costa Rica Costa Rica — Hurricane Shot, Pirates Charge
  • Brazil Brazil — Canary Shot, Jungle Divide

North Division

  • Argentina Argentina — King Goal, Flame Tango, Bull Charge
  • Ecuador Ecuador — Andes Throw, Condor Wing
  • ParaguayParaguay — God's Voice, Iguassu Falls, Charisma Punch
  • Uruguay Uruguay — Sol Shot, La Plata Dribble, Celeste Charge

South Division

  • United Kingdom England — Tower Bridge, London Mist, Big Ben
  • Italy Italy — Roman Road, Catenaccio, Azzuri Wave
  • France France — Napoleon March, Tricolor Beam, Eiffel Tower
  • Spain Spain — Matador Shot, Flamenco Scissors, Armada Counter

East Division

  • Germany Germany — Saltz Heading, German Spirit, Berlin Wall
  • Russia Russia — Siberian Freeze, Aurora Wall
  • Republic of Ireland Ireland — Rock Slide, Cu Chulainn Dribble, Celtic Magic
  • Portugal Portugal — Rainbow Cross, Ocean Wave, Shark Splash

Eastern Conference

West Division

  • Sweden Sweden — Thor's Hammer, Blizzard
  • Denmark Denmark — Dynamite Head, Viking Ship
  • Belgium Belgium — Blue Bird, Red Scissors
  • Poland Poland — White Eagle, Red Flash, Baltic Wave

North Division

  • Slovenia Slovenia — Snow Slide, Alpine Wall
  • Croatia Croatia — Adriatic Flash, Czech Rush[2]
  • Senegal Senegal — Mirage Shoot, Desert Rally
  • Cameroon Cameroon — Banana Shot, Lions Rush

South Division

  • Tunisia Tunisia — African Soul, Carthage Leap
  • Nigeria Nigeria — Eagle Shot, Wing Dribble, Oil Tower
  • South Africa South Africa — Diamond Head, Golden Wall
  • Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia — Oil Slip, Desert Storm, Efreeti Save

East Division

  • Turkey Turkey — Sophia Leap, Trojan Horse
  • China China — Great Wall, Dragon Jump
  • South Korea South Korea — Fire Shot, Seoul Tower, Tiger Charge
  • Japan Japan — Samurai Blade, Ninja Dribble, Kamikaze

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  1. Thanks, I'm a big fan of Captain Tsubasa !

  2. =p~ maenan gw jaman dooloo ni.. :d
    :) thank :))

    1. ahaha sama gan, mainan kalo bosen main winning eleven :-d :d
      u'r welcome :)

  3. =)) =)) =)) thanks :d :d :d :d :d :d

  4. Bray,ada kamen rider ryuki gak ? :)

    1. nanti ane cari dulu di tumpukan kaset ps1 ane gan hehe. Kayanya ada nanti ane upload kalo ada :)

  5. gan..
    tiap ane gol 5x, tkan "star", dan udh half time koq error mulu?
    mohon d bantu gan!!

    1. errornya waktunya ga abis abis ya? terus kalo keluar lapangan tetep bisa bawa bola? coba di restart aja. Terus main lagi, kadang suka begitu memang. :)

    2. yaah, gmna donk klo lg trnamen gan. .
      klo bisa d fix tlong gan, pliss. .

    3. itu bug dari gamenya, yang bisa fix cuma developernya. Itu errornya ga setiap saat main kok tenang aja. DI pS 1 aslinya juga suka kaya begitu cheer

  6. game ini sru tpi payah,ky'a g co2k maen d pc.... udah ane dunlut game nie d bbrpa blog/situs smua sama klo udah bikin 3 gol/lbih suka error pmaen langsung diem en waktu g abis2...... jd klo g mw error jngan bikin 3gol/lbih ckup 2 ja... 8-) :-b

  7. Replies
    1. Seperti serangga pemakan tanaman haha becanda :)). Bug itu masih ada error di gamenya.


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