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Minggu, 08 September 2019

Soal + Jawaban Kelas 8 When English Rings A Bell Chapter 3 Hal 37

  1. We have 2 tests tomorrow, English and IPS.
    You should not go to the game. You should study for the tests.
  2. I don't know the meaning of 'row'.
    You should look it up in the dictionary yourself. You should not depend on others all the time.
  3. I will go out, but it's very cloudy now.
    You should stay at home, you should not go out now or you'll get wet.
  4. I think i'm catching a cold.
    You should take a rest and drink your medicine regularly, you should not drink something cold.
  5. Some students leave litter on their desks.
    They should put it in the litter bin, they shouldn't make this room dirty.
  6. I sit in the back row. I cannot see your writing on the blackboard.
    You should sit in front of the class, you should not do that if you don't wear your glasses.
  7. I'm longing for my cousins.
    You should ask someone where he is, you should not leave her or him alone.
  8. My legs are asleep because i'm sitting on them.
    You should sit on the chair, you should not sit on your legs.
  9. Our classroom is dirty and messy.
    We should clean and tidy up our classroom, we should not let our class like this.
  10. I have a toothache.
    You should go to the dentist, you should not forget to brush your teeth before sleeping.
  11. I can't stop yawning.
    You should drink a cup of coffee or move your body, you should not go to bed late every night.
  12. I have hiccups.
    You should drink a glass of water, you should not let it go so long.

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  1. Sangat membantu sekali, terima kasih kak!
    Kunjungi juga kak blog kami wali kelas


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