Tugas Ke - 3 Cisco Fundamental 1 - Mari Belajar - Materi, Soal, Jawaban dan Tutorial Untuk SD, SMP, SMA/SMK dan Kuliah
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Rabu, 18 Desember 2013

Tugas Ke - 3 Cisco Fundamental 1

Tugas Ke - 3

Cisco Fundamental 1

Question 1
Fill in the blank.
A BYOD network is able to expand to accept new devices and applications without affecting performance.

Question 2
What are two benefits of collaboration and video-on-demand applications? (Choose two.)
  • Providing a richer e-learning environment
  • Providing faster, more secure business communications
Question 3
Fill in the blank.
The farther you are from the central office when utilizing a DSL connection, the slower the connection speed.

Question 4
Match the network trend to the corresponding description. (Not all option are used.)
Allows the end user to use personal tools to communicate across business or campus networks.
Online collaboration :
Allows the use of application through a web browser via web-based computing.
Cloud computing :
Facilitates the use of existing wiring in the home to connect devices. 
Question 5
For which three reasons was a packet-switched connectionless data communications technology used when developing the internet? (Choose three.)
  • Data packets can travel through the network using multiple different paths.
  • Network devices dynamically decide on the best available path to forward each packet.
  • It requires that a data circuit between the source and destination be established before data can be transferred.

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